Pardon my newbie question. I have the following setup (all servers are W2012)

  • Machine Name: Gateway....... Role: Web Access & Gateway
  • Machine Name: Host1......... Role: Connection Broker & Session Host
  • Machine Name: Host2......... Role: Connection Broker & Session Host

Here is my scenario

  1. open RD web with RemoteApp, login with User1, Connection Broker redirects to Host1 (successful)
  2. open RD web with RemoteApp, login with User2, Connection Broker redirects to Host2 (authentication error 0x607)
  3. If I log out from current session (that is User1 on Host1), wait for 30-60 minutes, and try to login with User2 on Host2, then it works.
  4. But reattempt to connect via User1 to Host1 will fail with the same error.

If I do not use RD web with RemoteApp and stick with just RD Connection on Windows, everything works fine. This problem is isolated to RD Web with RemoteApp only.

Error 0x607 has been reported as potentially a certificate problem. I am using a trusted certificate with correct FQDN for Gateway and Connection Broker.

Any clues?

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