Port not released after application is killed

I have a mobile application that hits to a windows server and further hits are forwarded to an HSM. As can be seen in the screenshot attached, even after the application is killed the port is not released. Please can someone help in informing why this happens and what could be the solution?

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  • You need to provide the output of netstat -ano | findstr /i [portnumber]. That will show the process id that has the open port. – Greg Askew Aug 10 at 13:00

Sounds like a malfunctioning application. Have you tried force killing the process? Like "taskkill /F /PID [portnumber]"

You could also check with processexplorer to get details on what is still holding on to the port, it might be another process.

Is it your application? Because ultimately the best solution would be to change the behaviour there by setting a timeout on how long the port is held.

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