I'm running reverse proxies with httpd 2.4.27 on RHEL 6 for various organizational reasons. The reverse proxies have to terminate SSL/TLS instead of the load balancer, which makes me want to consider how mpm_event handles SSL connections.

I've read several places that mpm_event may fall back to mpm_worker when handling SSL connections. I cannot find a definitive answer if that's still the case in my version. Is that still how it works?


Actually, mpm_event can fall back to synchronous reads similar to what mpm_worker does when input filters are clogged, not the mpm_worker module itself (MPM modules don't change at runtime). mod_ssl is mentioned as one possible source of this clogging of input filters.

I haven't experienced any issues due to this handling myself, so I can't comment whether this is a bad thing or not.

You can find the relevant code here in the Apache HTTPd source code repository.

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