• A new C5.4xLarge (16 Cores, 32 GB RAM) EC2 instance has been created with the Ubuntu Server 16.04 AMI.
  • Server is assigned an elastic IP and a security group opening port 80 is applied.
  • Server is updated with apt-get update and apt-get upgrade
  • Oracle Java 9 is installed on the server using oracle-java-9-installer from the linuxuprising/java PPA.
  • LXDE and XRDP are installed and started.
  • Apache2 is installed apt-get install apache2

When accessing the server's public IP (http://18.xxx.xxx.xxx) from a browser, it takes 10 to 15 seconds for index.html to load, every time. After pushing another basic website into a subfolder of /var/www/html, it too takes a super long time to open and process any pages.

Does anyone have any ideas why a basically vanilla server with a default installation of Apache is failing to serve even the default Apache page in a timely fashion?


Problem was solved by giving the server a fully qualified domain name and creating a DNS entry for it. Then the websites were accessed using the FQDN rather than the IP address and the problem went away.

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