With Cloudfront we can define an "Origin Path" different from "/". It is useful when having multiple folders on a single S3 bucket for example.

Suppose you have many folders on a S3 bucket, websiteA, websiteB... A Cloudfront distribution is setup with "Origin Path" = /websiteA with URL websiteA.com. The origin of the distribution is the AWS webserver that sits on top of S3 (e.g websitesfolders.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com)

Suppose you create an HTML file on the S3 bucket at this location "/websiteA/foo/index.html"

When visiting websiteA.com/foo (without trailing "/"), S3 will try to fetch a resource called /websiteA/foo. If unfound it will search if a file called /websiteA/foo/index.html exists. If it does, it does not serve it but redirects 302 to it. When redirecting the Cloudfront distribution receives a request to /websiteA/foo/index.html, it then appends the Origin Path to this, looking for /websiteA/websiteA/foo/index.html which of course does not exist.

If we have an Origin Path other than /, and the origin is redirecting us with a relative link, this redirection from the Origin will contain the Origin Path already. Then adding again the Origin Path when querying the origin (what CloudFront does) really does look like a bug.

How could we get around this?

For now we used this redirection but it is pretty ugly and limited to 50 redirections per bucket:


Any ideas on how we could workaround this issue in a better way?


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