I have this weird issue on one account on this domain. Users have roaming profiles and they all work great except one. Everytime she connects she gets a temporary profile on any computer. Other user ca connect normally on her computer.

I analyzed the event viewer and correct all errors except this one (it's in french but I'll try to translate beneath):

"L'inscription de certificat pour domain\user n'a pas pu inscrire un certificat EFS avec l'ID de demande N/A à partir de SRV\Root-domain Le profil pour cet utilisateur est un profil temporaire. 0x80090024 -2146893788."

"The inscription of the certificate for the domain\user couldn't subscribe the EFS certificate with the request ID N/A from SRV\Root-domain the profile for this user is temporary"

I tried to search these errors but results are very limited.

She doesn't have a profile in regedit so nothing to remove or rename there.

When I disable efs service she cannot logon anymore (stays on folder redirection forever).

I applied the permissions properly on the roaming profile folder and change the owner to be her account.

Disk is not full and I changed the quotas.

Funny thing is that roaming profiles do not use EFS if I got that right.

I wasn't the one setting up the server so I personnaly never used EFS before this day.

Any clue would be much appreciated.


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