I have a WatchGuard firewall as our firewall/router, windows server 2008 R2 standard for DHCP, 2 windows 10 machines and a Hikvision DVR. Machine 1 could see the cameras no problem for about a week then no signal, after rebooting DVR happens again after a couple days to a week. On machine 2 had the same issue. As of right now I had WatchGuard tech support look into it and all traffic is being routed to the switch that the DVR is connected to so I've ruled out the firewall, I just installed a new switch (Meraki MS250 24P) and it still happens. After looking at the Wireshark packet capture (I'm a noob at this) I can't seem to see where the issue is.

On machine 2 (the that can ping) obviously, the capture looks fine but on machine 1 (can't ping) for ICMP I get: Expert Info (Warn/Sequence): No response seen to ICMP request.

Then I get 2 ARP packets back, 1 from the DVR to the host machine and 1 the other way around. Form the DVR to the host I get the IP & MAC addresses but from the host to the DVR, I get the IP addresses of both but only the MAC address of the DVR. Is there something on the Windows 10 machine that would prevent the MAC address from showing here?

6 19.135534 (Source: DVR) (Destination: Machine 1) ARP 64 Who has IP 192.168.xx.xx? Tell 192.168.xx.xx. These are the correct IP addresses.

7 19.136699 (Destination: Machine 1) (Source: DVR) ARP 64 192.168.xx.xx is at (MAC Address) This is the right MAC address

Any info or another way to troubleshoot this would greatly be appreciated!

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