Is there a way to enable Alias IP on existing GKE cluster (with disabled Alias IP)?

(Besides using https://github.com/bowei/k8s-custom-iptables to create NATs on each node)

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    Feature to enable IP aliasing on existing cluster(IP alias disabled) is currently not available. It appears currently creating and managing manual routes and configuring NAT gateway is the option to get functioning of the GKE IP aliasing on existing GKE cluster with IP aliasing disabled. Feel free to submit a feature request using Google cloud issue tracker.This may help – N Singh Aug 30 '18 at 15:20

As per GCP VPC-native cluster's documentation, A cluster that uses Alias IPs is called a VPC-native cluster, and you cannot migrate a routes-based cluster to a VPC-native cluster. There is already a feature request for this. You would have to recreate the cluster or as you have mentioned, configure manual routes with NATs to get it working.

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