Ref: Rsync to AWS S3 bucket

A reply to the above question suggests using rclone in a similar way to rsync. It seems like it might work, but it doesn't seem to use the ACL I want.

Previously, I use the aws cli, like this:

aws s3 sync local/ s3://bucket/ --acl public-read --delete

but since my build process regenerates local/ from scratch each time, that involves copying over a lot of files, which is fine if I happen to have good internet upload speed, but sometimes I don't, hence my desire for rsync-like functionality. rclone seems like it might fit the bill, except that the files don't have public-read.

I attempted:

rclone -v sync local/ remote:bucket

which seemed worked fine, again apart from the acl. Adding --s3-acl=public-read didn't seem to have any affect.

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