I'm using google cloud cdn (Load balancer with a backend service) and the hit ration status is not very clear. In the image below you can see:

  1. Left image - CDN view - Value of cache hit ratio is "n/a".

  2. Right image - Backend service view - upper part (in green) - I see some responses which are served from cache - 0.6 RPS.

  3. Right image - Backend service view - lower part (in red) - Cloud CDN cache hit is 0.00 RPS.

enter image description here

Can somebody help me to understand the differences between the 3 places?

And what is my current cache hit ratio?


I found an excellent answer provided by a user named Elving, explained why you are noticing these differences in StackOverflow forum, and you can see the detailed explanation in this link.

  • Thanks @Nur, i've rated his answer, but waiting for another answers. – RtmY Aug 29 '18 at 8:38

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