I ran into this post How to monitor an RSS with Zabbix

and want to the same for all 4 AWS regions https://status.aws.amazon.com/

but no idea how to start

  • Why you can't use AWS native solution: AWS CloudWatch events (+AWS Personal Health Dashboard)? If you really need it in the Zabbix, then create CloudWatch rule, which will use Lambda to push data to Zabbix. – Jan Garaj Aug 23 '18 at 18:00
  • @JanGaraj Doesn't it seem a little counter-intuitive to monitor the status of something using itself? – ishigoya Apr 30 at 6:00

Found solution on GitHub,tested it and it works:https://github.com/tech-sketch/zabbix_aws_template/wiki/AWS-Service-Health-Dashboard-monitoring-Template

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