Currently, we have a set of shortcut icons that every single person has on their desktop (these icons are put on their desktop via GPO to begin wi/). What I want to do is instead, create a folder on everyone's desktop & have all those shortcut icon's moved into that folder (so I'm guessing a move will have to be required)? I've followed the following & was able to successfully create the folder on the desktop:


However, I'm having problems now placing the shortcuts into the folder. I'm not sure if I have to create another GPO or edit the existing ones (creating the shortcut GPO or creating the folder GPO).


There's no direct Group Policy settings for moving these files. You need to remove the existing files and then create new ones inside the folder. In some cases you could use a script for moving all .lnk files in a folder to a subfolder. However, your current GPO would recreate them, making this approach unsuitable.

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