Accidentally change settings on mysql server (local LAMP), and now i have this:

ERROR 1226 (42000): User 'root' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 1)

Can't use any query, also mysqladmin flush-privileges or reload. Any way to change privileges? Config-files maybe? (Ubuntu)


I believe that you can only limit the the rate at which you can execute queries - specifically the maximum number of queries per hour. So, if you have set this for the root user, you just need to wait for another 55 minutes, then you should be able to:

 update mysql.user set max_questions = 0 where user = 'root';
 flush privileges;

(not sure if the second instructions requires a one hour wait - if it does you can restart the DBMS).

If its the global limit you have set, then change it in your my.ini file (max_questions=0) and restart the DBMS from the OS.

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