I want to run an NFS server in a privileged Docker container.

A simple “modprobe nfs” on the host is not sufficient according to my tests – starting an NFS server in the container says “Not starting NFS kernel daemon: no support in current kernel”. The modprobe itself worked, however, as I can see “nfs” afterwards in /proc/modules on the host.

Then, I installed the (Ubuntu) package nfs-kernel-server on the host, and now, the NFS server in the container starts successfully. However, I wonder whether a full-fledged NFS server on the host truly is necessary.

So, what are the minimum prerequisites on the host for that?


I am pretty sure that you can't start kernel nfsd process inside a container. If you want to use container to export file system, than you need to run a user space nfs server like nfs-ganesha, nfs4j or similar.

  • Well, I did it. ;-) It really works. Recently, I found out that there is also a kernel module “nfsd”. Maybe modprobing this is enough … I can't test myself because I would have to reinstall my whole server for this. – Torsten Bronger Aug 30 '18 at 20:03
  • Can you elaborate more, and if you was able to run kernel nfsd in container, then post an answer yourself. – kofemann Aug 31 '18 at 9:33

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