There are 2 users on machine#0: user#0 and user#1. I can mount the desired dir from user#0 on machine#0 executing:

sshfs user@hostname:/home/folder /home/folder

The thing is that /home/folder has some-path/user#1 inside, which is home directory for user#1. But when I try to

ssh user1@machine0

After entering password it says Connection to machine0 closed. If I switch home of user1 to another, local directory, I have no problems logging in. Why is this happening and how to make this work? Thank you!

  • Have you checked your logs? – yoonix Aug 30 '18 at 21:25
  • I am sorry, what exactly do you mean by "checking logs" in this situation? :) – Anton Ostrouhhov Aug 30 '18 at 21:37

Ok, I have found the solution.

  1. In my case (embedded-linux), it was necessary to add user1 to aid_inet and aid_net_raw groups in /etc/group file.

  2. allow_other option had to be enabled when mounting fs, just like that:

    sshfs user@hostname:/home/folder /home/folder -o allow_other


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