We're starting to manage Kubernetes resources with Helm, and we have some users who are used to managing resources with kubectl edit. We'd like Helm to sanitize the deployed resources every time it's run, bringing them back into a known-good state.

I've observed that helm upgrade does not overwrite my ConfigMaps. Instead, it merges attributes between the deployed ConfigMap and the Helm template, giving me pieces of my templated ConfigMap and pieces of the hand-edited one. If there were no changes in the Helm ConfigMap template, Helm does not reset any part of my deployed ConfigMap back to a know-good state.

How can I instruct Helm to always reset my entire Kubernetes resource to the Helm-templated versions?

  • This is not a direct answer to your question, but you might want to consider terraform as an alternative to helm if you want this kind of behavior – Matt Zimmerman Sep 9 at 19:10

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