I need to reboot a solaris sparc machine to the "ok" prompt so I can do a net jumpstart reinstallation on a machine. I have remote access to the machine via the ALOM. How can do do this?



If you have system console, you can issue an "init 0" to shut the machine down without rebooting. This should drop you to an "ok". You may need to send a stop-a if the "ok" doesn't appear. Sometimes the system hangs going down.

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On a Sun keyboard, press the two keys STOP and A. That will get you an OK prompt.

The init 0 will poweroff the Unix/Linux computer. (yes I know this post is very old)

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  • boot -s will boot to single user mode. – Neon Mar 24 '15 at 14:37
  • Access Method --> What to Do (1) Graceful shutdown of the Solaris OS --> From a shell or command tool window, issue an appropriate command (for example, the shutdown or init command) as described in Solaris system administration documentation. (2) L1-A (Stop-A) keys or Break key --> From a Sun keyboard connected directly to the Sun Fire V445 server, press the Stop and A keys simultaneously. -or- From an alphanumeric terminal configured to access the system console, press the Break key. – Neon Mar 24 '15 at 14:44
  • (3)ALOM system controller console or break command From the sc> prompt, type the break command. The console command also works, provided the OS software is not running and the server is already under OpenBoot firmware control. (4) Externally initiated reset (XIR) --> From the sc> prompt, type the reset -x command. (5) Manual system reset --? From the sc> prompt, type the reset command. – Neon Mar 24 '15 at 14:44

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