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I am running a Synology DS916+ consisting of 4 disks forming 2 storage pools. Storage pool 1 is made up of 3 disks holding all my data on a SHR (Syno Hybrid RAID). Storage pool 2 is only made up of disk 4 which is holding my backup.

To backup my data I am using the Snapshot Replication utility provided by DSM. This is what the configuration looks like on one of my shares. I have made snapshots visible on pictures but not on pictures-1



Why is my NAS creating a snapshot each hour on the share \\nas\pictures as opposed to one per day?

enter image description here


You replication is based on snapshots and your replication frequency is set to Every 1 hours. This will make a snapshot of pictures every hour and replicate that snapshot to pictures-1.

I am not familiar with the Synology stuff, but it seems that the snapshots are not cleaned up. There is a Retentionn Policy that can be set to control the amount of snapshots kept. But you will have to keep at least the latest snapshot used by replication.

More info on that can be found here.

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