If I have multiple projects how do I specify which one gets used by default?

With gcloud I see that I have a project active in the "default configuration" but when I run my local software that is interacting with the Compute Engine API a different project gets used (as shown via the web console).


Specifying a Project from your local clients depend upon the authentication process. You can find some examples [1] [2] in the documentation, according to what client are you using, for setting the Project.

  • Hi. LIke I said, I am authenticated via gcloud. Now I want to use my own tool. This tool only worked when I associated a service account with a GCP Project, turned on billing, linked billing to the Project, enabled the Compute Engine API, and assigned a few roles to the service account. It works. But then I got to think about how I could create a second Project and apply the tool to it. How do I associate my tool to a project? – pmatulis Sep 8 '18 at 0:22
  • Just to clarify, when you mention "tool", do you mean a software done by you that is using the Client Libraries? – Neri Sep 10 '18 at 19:20

So I neglected to appreciate that the service agent is actually contained within the project. That's the piece I was missing. It all makes sense now and testing confirmed my understanding.

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