My apologize, this question may seem obvious...but I'm not an expert in system administration.

I have a Windows server (on my Intranet) running Apache 2.2 and MySQL 5.1. The server has PHPMyAdmin installed.

When I open http://servername/phpmyadmin I can see, edit the SQL database (note that I'm not asked for any login/password but I see in PHPMyAdmin that I'm logged as root@localhost).

Now, when I try to open the database from a tool installed on y machine (HeidiSQL), I can't get the connection right.

When I specify no user name, it reports Access denied for 'ODBC'@'my local machine name'. I tried to specify root@servername, root@%....but 'my local machine name' always gets appended to the name I enter and connexion is refused.

How can I get this HeidiSQL tool be able to connect the database? What user name should I specifiy?

  • Open phpmyadmin and add permissions for your user from your local machine name. – Gerald Schneider Sep 7 '18 at 9:14
  • @GeraldSchneider: Nice, it worked. Thanx! – jpo38 Sep 7 '18 at 9:41

To add additional privileges for access from your machine to MySQL to the following:

  1. Open phpMyAdmin
  2. Go to the User accounts tab
  3. Find the user you want to use, click on Edit privileges
  4. Go to Login Information
  5. Enter the hostname of your local machine into the Host name field.
    make sure the dropdown next to it is set to Use text field:
  6. Make sure Create a new user account with the same privileges and keep the old one is selected and click on Go

Of course, you can also create a completely new user, use a different password, whatever you want. MySQL considers credentials from different machines as different users.

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