I am using Exim version 4.91. How do I configure it to block outbound emails except for few domains?

Basically, the mail server should only send emails to users on example.com, example.net & example.org. Emails to any other domains have to be blocked.


Add a stanza to the beginning of the routers section (order is important, as the first router to match is used):

  driver = redirect
  domains = ! example.com : ! example.net : ! example.org
  data = :fail: Mailing is only allowed to example.com, example.net and example.org

This router will match other domains than those listed due to the negation exclamation marks, the data :fail: tag indicates that this is a failure.

The no_more directive stops exim trying other routers for the matched domains.

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    The slightly better approach is to place the restriction into the ACL like acl_rcpt to prevent any further proceeding. Also negation by exclamation mark can be moved to the left like !domains = a : b : c. – Kondybas Sep 10 '18 at 11:26

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