Suppose I have a server and an AD. The AD accepts both NTLMv1 and NTLMv2 protocols. The server is configured to use NTLMv1 in order to authenticate.

+--------------+          +--------------+
| Server       |          | Domain Cont. |
| (NTLMv1)     |--NTLMv1->| (NTLMv1)     |
|              |          | (NTLMv2)     |
+--------------+          +--------------+

I wish to deactivate NTLMv1 to use NTLMv2. If the OS on the server is compatible, I can change the settings to use NTLMv2 and forbid NTLMv1.

Can this impact the applications running on the server? Or is this totally transparent for the application? (i.e. the applications never know which protocol is used and don't care?)

  • It depends on the application you're talking about. Are you talking about applications that require a user to log in, or just about if the applications running as, for example, a service on the server through a specific service account? – RobbieCrash Sep 14 at 17:06

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