The curl error

# curl https://www.google.com
curl: (1) Protocol "https" not supported or disabled in libcurl

Background info

I start listing my specs:

  • CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)

# curl -V curl 7.61.1 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.61.1 Release-Date: 2018-09-05 Protocols: dict file ftp gopher http imap pop3 rtsp smtp telnet tftp Features: AsynchDNS IPv6 Largefile UnixSockets

# curl-config --configure
# curl-config --ca

# curl-config --features

I have some certificates (i just searched .crt files XD) in these locations:

  • /etc/pki/ca-trust/extracted/openssl
  • /etc/pki/ca-trust/source
  • /etc/pki/tls/certs
  • /tmp/curl-7.61.1/tests/certs
  • /usr/share/pki/ca-trust-legacy
  • /usr/src/ca-certificates/etc/pki/tls/certs
  • /usr/src/ca-certificates/usr/share/pki/ca-trust-legacy/

I read (and I can't find it anymore) about problems in certificate from centos 6 to centos 7.

I installed everything from yum, nothing from source.

Am I missing something?!

  • A problem perhaps? – Gerard H. Pille Sep 16 '18 at 21:15
  • There's not enough info in the question to be able to form an opinion. Perhaps show what you are running and the resulting error might help. – guzzijason Sep 16 '18 at 21:41
  • Do you need more information? thanks – Raikoug Sep 17 '18 at 0:40

I found the problem:

which curl

gave me "/usr/local/bin/curl", and this is not what I expected, so i checked if /usr/bin/curl was working correctly, and it was.

I just checked if something was using this curl, rpm -qf /usr/local/bin/curl and as expected nothing was using it, so I just deleted /usr/local/bin/curl and now everything work properly.

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