Is it possible to, as a task sequence via MDT, to give the local Administrator account a password and disable it and then create a new local administrator account and give it password and have Windows 10 log in via that local admin account all in one pass? Or can this only be accomplished using scripts after Windows 10 has deployed.

I want to find out how much MDT can do on its own until I need to run scripts post-deployment.


  • This is a very broad question. MDT is part of a suite of technology for windows deployment including things like unattend files, and provisioning packages. What exactly is your concern here or what are you trying to avoid? As the answer to your question is, Yes... Maybe. Certainly you can do what you say but I don’t understand the significance of “all in one pass.” A typical deployment involves many, many steps that usually does include scripting. – Appleoddity Sep 18 '18 at 3:47

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