Attempting to update an old server application (Sympa) to a newer OS. Fun. This includes related services (Sendmail to Postfix). More Fun.

Going through the sendmail.mc, we have


The actual hostname is being masqueraded as propersubdomain. The easy fix is changing the hostname. Can't be done.

In Postfix, I am not sure what is the equivalent behavior, or combinations. Inbound, I add the propersubdomain.domain.com to $mydestinations. Postfix will handle everything for propersubdomain.

Outbound, I am not sure. I believe $myorigin would be part of it. But I also see references to generic mapping? Or is it something else?

Which one should I use?


It's been a long time since I've had to use Sendmail, so I don't recall all the nuances of what MASQUERADE_AS does, but based on a reading of the docs, I'm pretty sure myorigin is what you want ("The domain name that locally-posted mail appears to come from, and that locally posted mail is delivered to").

There is no direct equivalent to MASQUERADE_DOMAIN, but as you suggested, generic maps are what you want to use to achieve the same end result.

Finally, for complete masquerading, you may also want to look into smtp_helo_name.

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