I am new to Windows 7, but want to deploy it in a Netware (read: no Active Directory, no domain, etc.) environment. I have used Novell Zenworks for imaging and deploying Windows XP in the past, and have never used sysprep because it was never necessary.

Now, I find that Zenworks is unable to image Windows 7 at all. It appears that there is a bunch of hardware-specific information that breaks the image on all machines except the specific machine it was created on.

I have recently learned what sysprep was, just a few weeks ago. My question is simple. Where can I find a step-by-step guide to using sysprep to image and deploy Windows 7?

Edit: I see that my question has been migrated. Thanks. I have read the guide that John T provided--then I read the 150+ comments. It seems that this is becoming out of date. Is there nothing else that sums up how to use sysprep to prepare Windows 7 for imaging and deployment?


There's only one decent guide I've come across so far for Windows 7, and that's Brian Lee Jackson's "sysprepping" guide.

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