What means please that sentence:

If you mount a bind mount or non-empty volume into a directory in the container in which some files or directories exist, these files or directories are obscured by the mount, just as if you saved files into /mnt on a Linux host and then mounted a USB drive into /mnt. The contents of /mnt would be obscured by the contents of the USB drive until the USB drive were unmounted. The obscured files are not removed or altered, but are not accessible while the bind mount or volume is mounted.

Is very vague to me, someone would please explain us what does mean please ?


It means that if you spin up a docker container, that has a directory /etc/foo with files in it, and do a "docker run ... --mount type=bind,source=/home/user,target=/etc/foo" then the directory /etc/foo in your container will no longer appear to have the container's original files, instead it will appear to have the HOSTS /home/user files.

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