I am writing an web application which checks out files from a subversion repository. (It's basically an internal code review helper tool for my company's software team.) So subversion needs to save the user password for use by the www-data user.

I added store-plaintext-passwords = yes to my personal user's .subversion/server file. This worked - I ran svn up and it asked for my password, and then I ran svn up again and it didn't ask for my password.

So next, I tested running svn as the www-data user (sudo -u www-data svn up --username MYUSERNAME). It asks for my username every time.

Next I tried copying my personal .subversion folder (which as you recall has store-plaintext-passwords = yes in servers) from my user's home to /var/www but it didn't start remembering the password for www-data.

How do I get the svn program to store a plaintext password when running as www-data?

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