The Situation

We have legacy JavaEE software which still uses EJB 2. We want to upgrade to a modern application server for security reasons.

The Question

Currently at the top of our short list of application server candidates is TomEE. Does TomEE support EJB 2?


When we upgraded, we first tried a different server and started getting errors, including errors about features no longer supported. One such feature no longer supported was EJB 2 entities.


Apache TomEE AS use Apache OpenEJB as Enterprise JavaBeans implementation. According the OpenEJB documentation, the answer to your question is YES TomEE support the EJB 2 specification. Personally, I've never try this.

You can also have a look to this given example of using EJB 2 with TomEE.

Good luck, TomEE is a very good choice.

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