I moved my site from Wordpress to Mediawiki and I have several 301 redirects to make.

The server is running Vesta CP with Apache (+Nginx as a proxy). In several occasions I have seen that applying standards recommandations for Apache in Vesta CP is not always the best. So that I prefer to ask before...

Basically : 

Redirect permanent 12345/old-wordpress-permalink wiki/new_article_title

I also merged another old site in this one so that I also have this type of redirect to make :

Redirect permanent https://myolddomain.com/12345/old-wordpress-permalink2 https://mynewdomain.com/wiki/new_article_title2

The old domain was in another server and, since I have to close the old sever, I had in the idea to redirect the old domaine on the new sever IP and to add the old domain as an alias of the new domain in Vesta.

What would be the cleanest way to implement these 3 points in VestaCP ?


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