why would perlbal's reproxying give me a 503 for any remote url?

X-REPROXY-URL: /path/to/a/local/file.jpg = working
X-REPROXY-URL: http://a-public-file-in-an-s3-bucket.jpg = HTTP 503

my perlbal conf looks like:

CREATE POOL test_pool
    POOL test_pool ADD
    POOL test_pool ADD

    SET listen          =
    SET role            = reverse_proxy
    SET pool            = test_pool
    SET persist_client  = on
    SET persist_backend = on
    SET verify_backend  = on
    SET enable_reproxy  = true

ENABLE balancer

i know im setting the header properly, because, as i said, it works for local files and urls of the same domain.

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Perlbal route the request trough HTTP so you will the HTTP request need to satisfy webserver's rules or ACL.

Easiest way to check is to emulate the request using curl : eg : curl -vv

Check your server access_log or error_log. If you run virtual webserver you might need to specify a FQDN instead of IP addess.


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