Before I pose my question, I will give some insight as per my scenario:

  • I work for a small business (cost is an important factor)
  • Our bandwidth is limited and would not support an in-house FTP server

We need to share files (mostly pdf, inDesign, Illustrator documents) to our clients, and as we expand, we are finding that our current locally-hosted FTP solution is too slow and is becoming a detriment to our sales team. What we need is a remotely hosted solution to share files with our clients, specifically with the following features:

  • Greater than 100gb of secure storage
  • The Ability to distribute unique log in credentials to clients, granting access to a personalized directory or folder, while limiting access to other files on the server.
  • A relatively simple web-based UI for clients with limited computer knowledge

We have considered a dedicated remote server, and web-based services (box.net, yousendit.com, onehub.com, filesanywhere.com) but I am unsure as per the direction we should be taking - have I left another solution out?

What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance.


File sharing services such as Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/features) or any of those you mentioned will work well as an alternative to FTP and meet all of the needs you described. As an 'part-time' IT person myself, this is what I would recommend as the most convenient, usable, cost-effective, and secure solution.


Several of my clients have had great success using Jungle Disk business class. It's inexpensive, and the business version has flexible permissions and access controls, as well as encryption and backup solutions.


Try Humyo. UK based storage solutions provider, also has multiple content servers physically located.


  • Thank you very much, found Humyo via Wikipedia earlier today and it seems to work great using the free version. My only issue with it is that when I share files to my 'test' email addresses, they seem to get caught in my spam filter. – user28859 Dec 11 '09 at 21:20

I am currently looking for a similar solution, I haven't decided yet but Transfers from OneHub looks promising as well.

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