I'm building SR-IOV supported compute node on HP 360g8 hardware and i have Qlogic interface card, my compute node has 32 core & 32GB memory.


when i launch vm-1 (with flavor 16 vCPU core) on openstack it launch successful on numa0 node and working great. but when i launch vm-2 same flavor it start and then shutdown itself in few second, in-short i am not able launch instance on numa1 node because my PCIe attach to numa0 node which i can see in lstopo command.

so at present i am going to lose half compute capacity if this is real problem because i can't use numa1 to launch SR-IOV supported instance.

after google i found this link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/share-pci-device-between-numa-nodes

and according this link if i can set hw:pci_numa_affinity_policy=preferred in flavor it will allow me to spin up instance across the numa node but somehow its not working and still i am not able to spin up instance, (it start instance but then shutdown itself)

Any idea what is wrong here?

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