I am exploring using Docker for some components that are harder to package for the distro I'm using, or just outright more convenient to use that way.

I have explored Kubernetes but since I'll be doing this on a single node I think it's overkill - I won't need much of the stuff that k8s provides and the resource consumption going to be too much.

I am not sure of what options I have to manage docker containers otherwise. I am interested mainly in:

  • managing lifecycle
  • gathering logs
  • understanding of inter-container dependencies (e.g. start db container first and then the app container )

I looked at Docker Compose but it's not meant for production environments. I also found some articles about running Docker containers using systemd but there seem to be a number of caveats there.

What options are there for lightweight docker container managmenent, especially for single nodes?


There is Dokku, which aims to be a Platform as a Service (PaaS) similar to Heroku, but self-hosted.

What is Dokku?

Dokku is an extensible, open source Platform as a Service that runs on a single server of your choice.

It features deployments via git push and can manage dependencies (e.g. databases)

Logs are also collected.

I have never used it myself, but it seems like a stable and actively maintained software that fits your requirements.

  • Looks interesting, thanks! I think this is a bit too much on top of Docker than I prefer, but I may have the chance to play with it later in the future. – Robert Munteanu Oct 10 '18 at 6:47

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