I've a Windows Server 2016 installation with Exchange 2016.

I need to unblock a downloaded DLL as asked into this guide.

In Windows Server 2012, you need to right-click and then click to UNBLOCK. In 2016 there is no block button.

How can I unblock a DLL? Do I still need to unblock it? I'am a Domain Admin, do I need some special priviledges or group?


If a file does not have an Unblock checkbox on its properties dialog, it means there is nothing to unblock and you don't have to do anything.

To find out whether you need to unblock a file, you can look for a secondary data stream, in PowerShell:

Get-Item \pathto\exchange.dll -stream *

If you see an entry:

Stream        : Zone.Identifier

it usually means you should unblock the file because it was downloaded from the internet, you can use PowerShell again:

Unblock-File \pathto\exchange.dll

If the DLL came in a zip file and you already unblocked the zip file before extracting the DLL, you don't have to unblock the DLL itself.

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