I am attempting to repurpose old tech for a non profit, so please excuse the question about really old technology. I have acquired a Polycom Soundstation 2W 2.4Ghz WDCT console (star shaped conference phone) without the base. The console can act as a headset with a cable, so it is still useful, but after a recent firmware upgrade it is waiting to register with the base that doesn't exist. It won't let me use the cable function until it registers. I have access to the diagnostics menu (down arrow and mute button at the same time) and can change EEPROM values one at a time.

Does anyone know how I can hack the phone to think it is registered, so I can use other functionality?

  • Have you considered restoring the previous firmware? – Michael Hampton Oct 8 at 19:00
  • I don't know how to do that and cannot find older firmware downloads for this phone. – Bobby Lansing Oct 8 at 20:10

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