I am trying to link Jira issues to commits in a central git repository, and have found the plugin SCM Activity for Jira. It is designed to be called from a post-receive hook.

The post-receive (and pre-receive) hook receives input on stdin like this:

<old-value> SP <new-value> SP <ref-name> LF

where is the old object name stored in the ref, <new-value> is the new object name to be stored in the ref and <ref-name> is the full name of the ref. When creating a new ref, <old-value> is 40 0.

(from man githooks)

Now I would like to "re-play" the sequence of pushes to the repository, to populate the database in Jira based on historical data.

git log --pretty=format "%H %gd" gives me part of what I want, but is there a way to get the previous value for a ref in a given commit?

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