I have PHP running on WSL on windows along with nginx+php-fpm. The web component is running php OK, but console PHP produces opcode output for some reason. For example i have such PHP file:

?php echo "test OK\r\n";

When i run it as

php test.php

It will produce this output:

root@computer:/mnt/d/php/zona.sp# php test.php

$_main: ; (lines=2, args=0, vars=0, tmps=0) ; (after pass 1) ; /mnt/d/php/zona.space/test.php:1-3 L0 (2): ECHO string("test ok ") L1 (3): RETURN int(1)

$_main: ; (lines=2, args=0, vars=0, tmps=0) ; (after pass 2) ; /mnt/d/php/zona.space/test.php:1-3 L0 (2): ECHO string("test ok ") L1 (3): RETURN int(1)

$_main: ; (lines=2, args=0, vars=0, tmps=0, no_loops) ; (after pass 7) ; /mnt/d/php/zona.space/test.php:1-3 ; return [long] RANGE[1..1] L0 (2): ECHO string("test ok ") L1 (3): RETURN int(1) test ok

Why this happens?

root@computer:/mnt/d/php/zona.sp# php -v

PHP 7.2.9-1 (cli) (built: Aug 19 2018 06:56:13) ( NTS )

Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP Group

Zend Engine v3.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2018 Zend Technologies

with Zend OPcache v7.2.9-1, Copyright (c) 1999-2018, by Zend Technologies


Somewhere in your PHP configuration, you have set opcache.opt_debug_level to a nonzero value. Remove this setting from your php.ini or the included ini file where it is set, or set it back to its default value of 0.

  • Thank you! Did not mention this when install opcache. – Sergey Efimov Oct 17 '18 at 17:18

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