We've recently purchased as used HP DL580 G7, and we noticed within a few hours of hookup that the fans were ramping up very high. I then proceeded to configure the iLO 3 to see what was causing the fan ramp, but the only temp sensor which reads high (within 10 degrees C of 'Caution'- item is ~50C, Caution @ 60C) is "Temp 20". There's nothing in any of the documentations I've found on Google, or forums anywhere which will tell me where this sensor is.

I have tried updating the firmware on the iLO 3 to the latest (1.90), however it only seems to quiet the fans down for a few hours. All of the other temps are well within norms, with a very large headroom before approaching their 'Caution' temp.

Would anyone happen to now which part/location on the server is "Temp 20"? Thanks! The fans will only ramp up when "Temp 20" is

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Few ways to get more information:

  1. Use putty to SSH to iLO then show system1/sensor1 to display specific sensors.
  2. Use LoCfg to issue an XML GET_EMBEDDED_HEALTH command.
  3. Update your BIOS, since that hold the sensor name text.
  4. Use ipmitool to pull the IPMI fields for the sensor.

In the commands above pay attention to all fields since there is information about the type/zone of the sensor. For example location information of "PCI 5" would pretty much tell you where the sensor is.


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