I have a Windows Server with a public IP address ( and I've installed VMware workstation on it, creating several VMs on it.

The VMs use intranet IP addresses, such as,

I have a question, whether exists a network technology that can map the public IP address and port to the intranet IP address and port?

I mean:

When being in the public network access the and translate to 80, and access the and translate to

I've got some NAT/NAP knowledge, but I am not sure it can achieve my requirement. Who can give me any advice?

  • NAT is exactly what you are looking for. Especially the port mapping feature. – Christopher Perrin Oct 24 '18 at 9:01

What you need is destination NAT or port forwarding. Thing is that you'd have to use a firewall to do the translation. Almost any software firewall can do the job. Even you don't explicitly say it I assume you have a router so you can connect your server to the internet with the public IP address so log in that router and look for a section related to port mapping or destination NAT, from there you can just do what you posted: any traffic incoming to the public IP address with a specific port/service translate it to the intranet VM in a different port. Hope that helps!

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