I'm using libvirt to manage my VMs, but I don't need the dnsmasq DNS server that gets automatically started with the service as it conflicts with my acme-dns setup.

Is there a way to change disable the DNS server completely and use dnsmasq only for DHCP, or at least change the port on which dnsmasq is listening?

Editing /var/lib/libvirt/dnsmasq/default.conf has no point since it just get overridden, but when using sudo virsh net-edit default it's in a completely different format.


You can disable DNS for a network with <dns enable="no"/> in the network XML. See the documentation.


No need to disable the dnsmasq service in the Libvirtd. Just tell DNSMASK to listen on needed interfaces:





Restart dnsmasq:

systemctl restart dnsmasq.service

Additional informathion: Libvirtd and dnsmasq

This command may be useful. To check which interfaces used:

netstat -anp | grep :53

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