I have an Exchange 2016 server.

From remote, i can access OWA using the public IP.

Also I have configured Thunderbird to use EWS with success.

Now I'm setting Outlook Android app... my account in logged in but the folder and the emails are not synchronized. I'm not receiveing error.

Same problem with Outlook 2016 on Windows 10: the account log on the remote server via IP but no email are downloaded.

What would be the problem?

OWA, ECP and EWS are working fine.

  • There are a lot of variables here without knowing more details. Part of the installation requires setting up valid URL's within the virtual directories and other services that resolve to a name. The certificates installed also have to reflect the names identified. You can use one or more namespaces but these all have to be defined within the directories. Is DNS pointing to a load balancer? Do the virtual servers resolve properly to the backend services? A great tool is testconnectivity.microsoft.com for diagnosing these types of issues. – Chase Oct 29 '18 at 20:27

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