1. Here is the situation there are 2 servers: SRV1 (IP: & SRV2 (IP:

    • you can connect to SRV1 from your local computerwith the private-key : test-user-private.pem with the username test.user
    • SRV2 however is only accessible from SRV1 with the private-key: private-user-key.pem for the user private.user
    • There is a file in SRV2 at the location : /data/app/logs/log_archive.tgz

Explain how you would get the above-mentioned file into your local computer Please state it in commands, interspersing them with comments against each command


First copy from SRV2 to SRV1

ssh SRV1 scp SRV2:/data/app/logs/log_archive.tgz /tmp/foo

Then copy to your workstation

scp SRV1:/tmp/foo <workstation>:/tmp/bar

Alternatively, put SRV1 public key in your workstation $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys and copy from SRV2 to SRV1, then from SRV2 to workstation

ssh SRV1 'scp SRV2:/data/app/logs/log_archive.tgz /tmp/foo; scp /tmp/foo <workstation>:/tmp/bar; rm -f /tmp/foo'

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