I am using icecast2 (from apt-get) on Debian (or Ubunto, tested both). 8GB RAM, 4 CPU Cores, 3 streams.

The server is configured to 20K connections limit on the XML config, but when It recived a ~ 1000 connections, it hangs.

I am testing with real client, but also with curl --silent --output /dev/null http://localhost:8001/livemusic from localhost.

I tried also to run an other one manualy on port 8001, so I able to run 1000 connections more, and it hangs again.

What I need to do ?

    <!-- If enabled, this will provide a burst of data when a client 
         first connects, thereby significantly reducing the startup 
         time for listeners that do substantial buffering. However,
         it also significantly increases latency between the source
         client and listening client.  For low-latency setups, you
         might want to disable this. -->
    <!-- same as burst-on-connect, but this allows for being more
         specific on how much to burst. Most people won't need to
         change from the default 64k. Applies to all mountpoints  -->

Most likely the icecast process has a low ulimit, e.g. 1024.

Adding a line like this to /etc/init.d/icecast2, right before the daemon starts, shoud work:

ulimit -n 25000

Please note that you're most likely to run out of bandwidth before anything else in case of Icecast. It's very resource efficient in most use cases.

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