I have a legacy web server running Windows Server 2008 32-bit - it is not running 2008 R2. I plan on replacing it in 2019 with Windows Server 2016. But in the meantime I would like to move some SQL databases from an old SQL Server to a new server running SQL Server 2016; it's easier to move these databases than the web applications.

I know officially this might not be supported by Microsoft but right now I just need to get it working. I'm told you must update your ODBC drivers to connect to SQL 2016. I don't want to just try this and disturb anything that is working fine. Does anyone have experience with my scenario? Did you have success and if you did, what did you have to do?

UPDATE: I just tried the old Data Sources (ODBC) tool to connect and it passed the test. So please just let me know if you experienced any "gotchas".

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