I have succesfully installed the SNAP version of Nextcloud on my Ubuntu Server 18.04. Everything works fine using HTTPS with a let's encrypt certificate.

Now I want to install, on the same server where Nextcloud is running, the Collabora developer edition application, but I'm stucked on how to manage the routing.

If I install Apache it goes in conflict with the Apache running in the snap of Nextcloud.

Traffic on port 80 pass through an Apache reverse proxy running on another server.

Traffic on port 443 is (succesfully) directed to the Nextcloud server without going through the reverse proxy.

So what I have to do to manage the proxy routing?

Should I have to avoid to install Apache on the Nextcloud server?

If I use the existing reverse proxy server to direct traffic also for Collabora (col.mydomain.org:443 -> how and where can I install the certificate with let's encrypt?

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