I'm new to XMPP Servers and have setup a ejabberd server 18.09 under Windows 7 and I'm using Conversations 2.3.4+fcr as client. Now I want to use OMEMO and I have no success. Conversations says in its server info, that XEP-0163 has failed and when I want to write a OMEMO encrypted message Conversations is complaining about missing device list.

I understand that OMEMO encryption is based on the existing device list in ejabberd server. Ejabberd knows the device, I can see Conversations.something as device in the online user list.

Configuration file of ejabberd is like this:

access_model: whitelist

Conversations says in CATLOG:

AxolotlService: Have no target devices in PEP!

At the moment I'm running out of ideas, any help would be appreciated...


The default config for 18.12 came with this in the config

  ## Change from "whitelist" to "open" to enable OMEMO support
  ## See https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/issues/2425
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