I configured a VPN IP Sec tunnel from VPN gateway in Azure to Cisco Router to customer end.

  1. created vpn gateway
  2. created local gateway config and connected successfully to a cisco router at customer end
  3. stood up a VM and connected to a VNET that belongs to the VPN gateway in Azure

Issue: 1. I cannot ping or access anything across VPN from the VM that is connected to the VNET connected to the VPN gateway.

Diagram: enter image description here


Ping depends if you have ICMP enable in your network. I have setup a few Site-To-Site, though not Cisco, If the VPN connection is connected the VM should be able to connect to services inside your On-Premises network because Azure puts in routing automatically. Unless you have address spaces that are overlapping then traffic will not be sent over.

From your On-Premises to Azure you will have to make sure the routing for the address space is setup to sent traffic to Azure.

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