My context: Sometimes I receive a list of usernames (not CN ), and I need to send emails to these persons.

The question : Is there a simple way on windows to obtain the email from the username ?

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  • For those who downvoted, please add a commen as the site suggests. – Mehdi Nov 13 at 2:28

(Get-ADUser username -Properties mail).mail

  • That command does not exist by default on Powershell. In a complex environment you don't have enough permissions install software. (BTW your first text was arrogant) – Mehdi Nov 9 at 21:15
  • Then ask your sysadmin to install the tool. – Daniel Nov 11 at 11:08

If you are on Exchange with Outlook you can just copy paste the userid's in the TO/CC/BCC box and hit Ctrl-K.
Else you will need to user powershell as SimonS just mentioned in the comments or do maunal lookups using the Remote Server Administration Tools.

All 3 methods above require that the email is in the normal AD field for that. That may not be the case if your organization uses a non-Exchange solution for mail or has a 3rd party email-provider.

  • The comment has been deleted I guess. For the CTRL+K it does work but only for a few usernames (it seems to be random), in my case I have a lot. If I have a command like you mention I can automate it. – Mehdi Nov 8 at 17:02

Daniel isn't wrong, however if your environment is too "complex" to install RSAT, then you can do it natively in PowerShell

$DirectorySearcher = New-Object DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher
$DirectorySearcher.Filter = "(&(ObjectClass=user)(Name=$env:USERNAME))"
$Result = $DirectorySearcher.FindOne()
$ADUser = [System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry]$Result.GetDirectoryEntry()

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