Just installed a fresh Nextcloud 14, concluding some testing before putting it into production, including upload of large files through the Web UI.

Being impatient I started clicking around while waiting for a ~1Gb file to finish uploading, oblivious to the fact that uploads are interrupted when you do that.

So I had to start over again, and continued clicking around in another tab. Not keeping my tabs organized, this happended several times..

During attempt 5 of the upload I got curious as to how Nextcloud actually deals with interrupted uploads and started poking around in the file system and found the following:

Incomplete files are kept in <user-folder>/uploads, and moved to <user-folder>/files when complete.

However, aborted uploads, e.g due to "clicking around" don't seem to be removed automatically.

Here are my first 4 attempts to upload the file:

root@docker1 .../admin/uploads# du -sh * 41M web-file-upload-223ed330e5adb988a8963b52027a9a7c-1541719636278 601M web-file-upload-223ed330e5adb988a8963b52027a9a7c-1541720062948 8.0K web-file-upload-223ed330e5adb988a8963b52027a9a7c-1541721459579 731M web-file-upload-223ed330e5adb988a8963b52027a9a7c-1541721472847

So yes, easy to clean up, but really annoying. Can this be automated?


An open GitHub issue suggests that these interrupted uploads will be cleaned up when you log out and log back in. The issue says that this will eventually be moved to a background job, so it will happen automatically in a future version of Nextcloud.

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